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Posing Nude

So You Want To Pose Nude



This subject runs rampant and there are models that want to do it and models that don't. For the models that do not want to or not interested in posing nude, there is no need for you to read on except for pure entrainment purposes. Seriously though, it's something only you can decide on doing or not doing. People can suggest, encourage, but in the end it's all you.

Career Outside of Modeling

Now, There are many concerns about posing nude and will it hurt my career in the future, to be frank. It all depends on what you want to do as a career. Research your career that you want to get into and ask the magic question to many in that field “What would you do if you found one of your subordinates posing nude for art classes?”. I know this is different then having a photograph up of you nude, but it helps put a perspective in the “would-be” boss in what he would do if he really did find some naked pictures of someone he/she was over.

Career Inside of Modeling

Will modeling nude hurt my chances at getting other model type gigs in the future. If anything you will become more versatile in the more genres you place yourself in, the more gigs you have a chance of getting.

If you are getting 20 “nude” work requests and you turn them down for that one chance you MIGHT do fashion/runway/whatever, that is your choice, but that is money you could have had when the fashion gig might have paid you $200 for the day, or the 20 nude shoots that would have paid $200 each one.


You are already a model, and you wonder “will nudes hurt my chances at X field of work. Everyone has dreams, but be realistic, will you really make it or is it a hobby of yours... If it's a hobby, then most of the time the photographer hiring you to do it, is not going to care if you have done nudes in the past or if you do nudes currently, he just may not require it from you. It's good to dream, but ALWAYS look at the rule, not the exception Research the field you want to work in and ask the ones that are actually getting paid gigs and ask the magic question And above all, this is not to discourage you, it's all about realism. However work at it and something may come of it.


Agencies have their own rules and regulations, you will have to contact your agency to see what their rules are about posing nude.


Look Before You Leap

Seriously, Before you get into modeling nude always look at ALL the consequences. If you are not ok for any and everyone to see the pictures you would take, do not pose nude. There is always a chance for someone you don't like to see you naked. If you don't want this, nude modeling is not for you.

It's not always about the money. The photographer hiring wants to create a beautiful image and be respectful of him/her and the photographer will be respectful of you (Though this should be a given in all genres whether posing nude or not)


If You Still Want to Pose Nude


There are many things you can do to reduce risk of “being discovered” and keeping it in the community if you will, but be aware this is not 100% and there will always be people that will look at your work non-artistically, though this is true whether you pose nude or not. Create an alias, do not give it out to anyone except those you work with or hope to work with. Completely separate your “work life” with your “model life”.

If you don't care who knows that you model nude, then great! There should be no need to hide it, show it off t0 the world. It shows confidence in what you do as well. Not everyone can be a nude model, they can try, some will succeed, some will not.

Last but not least, be confident! I almost always shows in the photograph if you are not comfortable. Everyone has reasons why NOT to do nudes, look for the reasons TO do nudes and you will make some awesome nudes.