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Magicc Imagery

Magicc Imagery

Model Insider Spotlight - Magicc Imagery - MI 493

How did you get started in photography? What brought you to it?
I have always seemed to be involved in one form or another of the arts. Played different instruments in elementary School as well as always had art classes there. I picked up a guitar when I was 5 and learned the song that my older sister was supposed to be learning from lessons in one day. I kept playing too. Even was in musicals and plays too. I always had art classes throughout School (mostly general art – Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, and such), and eventually graduated High school as an Art Major (Lost wax casting, Painting, drawing, Jewelry). I find now that it was very unique that my school had a structured art major program. Music was always in there too. I played in a couple bands in high school.
After I graduated I worked in a restaurant for the first time. There was a guy there that was carving Ice and making these awesome food platter presentations. It was really cool. I learned from him and soon became interested in the Culinary arts. I never wanted to be a “starving artist” and figured that I could always get something to eat if I was working in the kitchen.

So to put it a good bit shorter …. Of course art was a big part of my life …. Not really because It was a family thing … just something that I was always drawn to, and it was not just one form – it was many - Music, Drama, Painting and Drawing, Metalwork (Jewelry and Lost Wax casting). The only thing that I never did really well was writing.

I got into photography after I inherited my Dad's Minolta 7000 35 mm camera. Started shooting nature, still life, family, and other normal stuff. Then, years later, a freind of mine that was getting into it liked the shots that I was taking and suggested a site called They are a nice community and really halped me start to develope some technic in Post Processing with Photoshop.

Then something special happened - Here is the story:
At one time I told a friend that if she ever wanted some pictures taken, I would love to take them. A while later she actually said that she would like to do that. I was just thinking of doing some head shots and casual stuff. When I got to her house and we started discussing what we were going to shoot, she was looking through one of the posing books that I had brought with me and pointed to a picture that she saw in it with a woman on a bed pulling a sheet up to cover her breasts. Well I said sure ….. We started with just some head shots and such so that I could get the camera setup (No knowledge of strobes or anything like that at this point and time), and then she slowly started getting more naked. We would look at the shots and she would get other ideas and we would shoot those. We did get the shot that she wanted to get and a whole lot more than we both expected. It ended up that she was bouncing all over the house naked and we had a great time …. No physical contact, no sex, just a great time. After I worked on the pictures and got them back to her … she was absolutely amazed and couldn’t believe what we came up with. Some of them are still my favorite shots.

The thing is that I walked out of that shoot with a different state of mind. There was an intimacy that was shared in that house that blew me away ….. something that was shared between us that I will never forget. That was a very special experience that I don’t think I will never have again. Not like that. Nor would I want it any other way. That’s how I got into this. I then found a couple of Nude photography workshops and such and here I am.

My mother asked me why I had to do Nude pictures once – I really wasn’t able to tell her at that point. I think that it’s because of the intimacy that is portrayed by this style of photography. I always feel honored that someone would allow me to be a part of that and capture it. For that reason I respect them and don’t ever want to be degrading about it. It’s special and should always be treated that way.

Do you consider yourself: Pro, Semi Pro, Hobbyist, Amateur, Something Else?
Actually I would think that I am conglomeration of many things:
Semi Pro
Lover of the slightly off center

How did you find Model Insider and what do you like best about it?
I was doing a lot with the MM POTD 18+ contest before they went corporate and when the contest all of a sudden went away for a while. I found out that the regulars to that contest started it up somewhere else (Guess what that turned into?). If I am not mistaken that is pretty much how this site started out and I can't believe how far it has come along since those days. It's only a matter of time til this site blows up and becomes the place to be. I am here for life as I took advantage of the offer when it was offered. I love it here and feel a part of something very special and proud to have been here almost since the beginning.

What gear do you use?
I am a Canon shooter. Probably will stay that way also. my first real digital was a 20D and now I have a 40D and really want to get either a 5D or a 7D. I just can't seem to get the money together. I am pretty much at the limit of the 40D and want something that works better in low light and higher ISO. Don't get me wrong, I still feel that I can get great shots from the 40D, it's just that I feel that I can be able to do more with one of the other camera bodies.

I have a few lenses:
17-85 mm F4-5.6
50 mm F1.4
100 mm F2.8
70 - 200 mm F2.8
Hoping to get a sigma fisheye though ..... It will be the first non Canon lense that I will own and even though It has a limited purpose I just love the effect of a fisheye lense.

What is your usual genre? Favorite genre?
If you look at my profile and view "all Images" It should be pretty easy to figure out that I am pretty much a fine art nude photographer. I have actually started incorporating clothes into shots though and working at doing more implied shots too. Thats probably why I can't consider myself a pro as yet moreso than anything else. There is no way that I could pay my morgage with shooting in this style. I am growing as a photographer and working to get better at other styles even not shooting models (God forbid).

How do you find models to work with?
At first I went to Workshops and Meet and Greets. Started developing a portfolio and work with known models and that was great as they really helped me out with getting some great pictures.

Now I am looking towards working on a regular basis with a specifice set of models that I have gotten to know with a few others here and there. I want to develope more of that special relationship that I model and photographer get by working over a period of time. I have a model that I have recent;y started working with that has just been a joy to see and be a part of her developement in Modeling. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and I hope that our work continues to keep amazing the both of us as we shoot more together.

Do you provide styling and makeup?
I would love to work with an MUA but never have the extra funds to be able to do that. It’s enough of a financial burden to try and come up with studio fee’s as well as Modeling fees. That’s why I try to do something to compensate for a shoot. The home studio room has housed many models that come to the area to work in compensation for some of their time.

I have done TF work with one but she moved to the southwest and got married. I am going to be working with a body painter though and think that will be a lot of fun.

Where do you see yourself going in the next year, artistically and business wise?
I would like to get a gouple of Gallery shows and sell a couple pieces that I have shot. I am in a book that comes out in a month or so (I think that I have a link to it in my informaton). But I still have a lot of developement as a photographer before I feel that I can do more. I consider that I have about 10 to 15 more years to develope my photography before I will need to actually make a living at it. I consider this period as getting ready for a retirement job.

Do you shoot both in studio and on location, and do you have a preference?
Both. That being said, last summer I made a concerted effort to shoot in natural light and just loved it. I am lucky also that I have a private property that I have been given permission to use (17 Acre landscape facility) that has Barns and Abandoned houses on it. It's nice and secluded and I can only shoot there on the weekends. Oh darn!

Do you have your own studio? If not, do you find this a limitation?
I have a home studio, and a couple studios that I can rent out in the near vicinity, but it is not always where I shoot as explained in the previous question.

Do you travel?
I love to go visit other photographers/models and meet maybe even shoot with them. This is an awesome community (The fine art photographers and Models) and I have met some truly unique and beautiful people during this journey. If I go on travel for my day job I always try and get a shoot in while a am at that location. Where I really want to go though is to Australia. That’s a bucket list thing and I am not sure that if I got there that I would want to come back.

Anything else you'd like to tell the Model Insiders about yourself?
What is Art to me?
Art – the perception or vision through one’s soul of their universe put forth for others to sense (touch, feel, emote, taste, embrace)
Now for the explanation –
If you think about what a person is. The physical manifestation of small pieces of the universe gathered together in a random order. We are that and the combination of our experience (Memory). We are always evolving who we are as individuals based on those factors. The really wild mix in this is that we like things based upon that which we can’t explain. That’s what I call the God effect. Why does one person like something and another find it offensive? Why do we decide one way or another? Because it feels right? Because we think that it’s the right thing to do? Honestly – I really don’t know why I will do something different with the same situation at 2 different times. There is something unexplainable inside us. That thing that drives us. Makes us worth it all.

So I am this little thing in the universe – I have my own way of doing things and looking at things and way that I like to be. I have my own perception of my little universe and who I am. Much of it similar to many other people and a good bit of it that only a few people can identify with. I strive to connect with people …. Try and let them see what I see. Walk in my shoes. That way I don’t feel so alone and desolate. I feel like I am part of the universe
Fine art Models - come to DC - there is a great community out here and some of the best photographers models to hang out with.
Photographers - Thank you for all the inspiration that you have given me on this site. This is the place to be and it is only going to get better (its already my home).
Check out the Chat room and join in the fun - you can get to know some of the glorious nuts that are a part of this site. (editor's note: The MI chat room is closed at this time but will be reopening soon.)

If you are a paid tier member, would you offer a few words on the value you get from your membership?
I am a Permanent Member of MI and don’t think that I wouldn’t have it any other way. As this site grows, which I have no doubt that it will continue to do for a long time. I will be here. I can best continue to meet others that are into the same artistic ventures that I am into with the membership that I have. (editor's note: Model Insider ocassionally runs a limited special for members offering a one time purchase of a permanent membership, you will not see that type listed on the Plans page.)

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